a happy person

Who exactly do I want to be?

My life can be really simple and easy. All I have to do is eat oatmeal for breakfast, make time for calisthenics, rest when I tire, read while I rest, and then do more calisthenics until it’s time to eat lunch. Then I go back and work on a different skill. From time to time, I take walks. I don’t really need a phone or time-draining devices.

What kind of person do I want to be?

A happy person. Honest, friendly, clean. To smile a smile every day and learn from people, experiment with techniques in calisthenics, devote my life to the craft and the few relationships that matter in my life. If we’re talking labels, vegan, minimalist and zero-waste are ones that I’d like to earn. Because my life is simple, I can be free of many possessions, and then be financially free of time commitments.

What are my personal ideals?

To be honest, work-hard, maintain discipline and organization. I strive to maintain a quiet, cool, and calm demeanor. I need time to think before I speak or act, to have a strategy. I like the phrases, “you become what you give your attention to.” and, “if need be, be mostly silent or speak sparingly.”

That’s a little bit about myself. Tell me something about you. Are you a happy person?