june, i love you

May was a very difficult month. I struggled to focus, and I was plagued by the worst plantar fasciitis ever which limited my running. I struggled to maintain a budget, but at least I had the chance to travel home to family and friends in New York City.

Usually, when a new month rolls around, I like to make an effort to build on my success. That would have led to an increase in my running mileage. Instead, this June I will focus on recovery and self-love.

Mainly, I will shift my cardio to swimming or the stationary bike. These are low-impact options that will help me maintain endurance and protect my poor, aching feet. I will also stay strong in my war on sugar – limiting the sweet tooth strictly to berries and fruits. These choices support my long-term health and energy levels! Lastly, I will carve out time for reading, meditation, and attentiveness.

In short, here are my monthly intentions.

I’ll be moving away from
I’ll be moving towards

  • Netflix, HBOMax, basketball Scores
  • running and basketball
  • sugar, candy, soda, juice, dairy
  • stupid purchases, supermarket sushi, take-out meals
  • reading, journaling, meditating, blogging
  • swimming, stretching, calisthenics
  • water, and fruits and berries
  • saving what I earn, paying off cc debt

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