the mirror

The hard work in life comes when you have to face the person in the mirror. You pose your questions to understand why your visions and dreams escape your reach. The hours pass you. The metamorphosis that could be is not. Instead, you have another dull, hopeless moment. Why won’t you stop running?

The soul grows weary of your dreams going ignored. Excuses run dry. There is nothing else to say, nowhere else to look. But keep your gaze focused on the person in the mirror. See that he is suffering, that he is lonely and perhaps scared of you. Because you are the one who does the damage, and you are the one who wants to see him fail. You nitpick his flaws and draw the comparisons that haunt him.

Why can’t you talk to your mother like you used to? When was the last time you confessed your fears or expressed your dreams? You are still so afraid. The traffic along the bridge is moving slow. The seed breaks its shell and feels incredible pain as it sprouts. It digs its way out through hardened soil to experience life. Everyone pays their price.

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