w25 re-cap

Earlier this month, I set my monthly intentions for the month of June, see below. Today, I’d like to take some time to thoughtfully reflect on my progress thus far with my goals.

I’ll be moving away fromI’ll be moving towards
• Netflix, HBOMax, basketball Scores
• running and basketball
• sugar, candy, soda, juice, dairy
• stupid purchases, supermarket sushi, take-out meals
• reading, journaling, meditating, blogging
• swimming, stretching, calisthenics
• water, and fruits and berries
• saving what I earn, paying off cc debt

Giving Up the Internet and Explore Mindfulness

Grade: B-. 

YouTube is blocked, but Netflix remains a threat. I will add Netflix to the list of restricted sites so that I can shift away from the screen and move more towards books, writing, and meditation. I am still following basketball scores, but I am not watching the basketball highlights. This effectively saves about 20-30 minutes per day, or 3.5 hours per week. 

I ended my reading streak on Saturday. However, I have written and published a post 18-days in a row now. I am setting aside 45 minutes each day toward writing, and 15 minutes each day toward meditation. These are going to be good habits to incorporate daily. When I felt anxious today, I thought about meditating, but I never made time for it. Instead, my room is a mess, I got very little done, and I watched way too much Netflix. 

Recommended Action(s): 

  • Add Netflix to list of restricted sites.
  • Add meditation and writing to the calendar. 

Put A Stop to Running and Basketball and Swim More

Grade: C-.

I played basketball for far too long this week, and I ended up injuring myself. I found it hard to get out of bed on Saturday and Sunday, and then I was able to do less than I wanted to do this weekend. In short, I was very unproductive. I have not run in a long time, which I am happy about. 

This week, I foam-rolled and stretched multiple times. I also swam multiple times, and I performed the three lifts in my program; the bench press, the squat, and the deadlift. 

I showed up more than the last week, but I was still not consistent. 

Recommended Action(s): 

  • Add Swimming to the Productive App and Calendar to track consistency. 

Avoid Sugar, Candy, Juice, Soda, Dairy (SCJSD) and Intake Water, Fruits, and Berries (WFB)

Grade: A. 

I went to the market this weekend, and I did not buy any SCJSD. I felt tempted to buy yogurt (my favorite dairy item), but I did not. I also did not buy ice cream. Instead, I bought two containers of blackberries and a container of raspberries. I bought 5 avocados, and my own ingredients for my special salad recipe. 

Water has been my friend. I am hesitant to add water-drinking to the habits that I am tracking because it might make things too stressful for me. I am starting out slow and going at my own pace, but for now I am drinking enough fluids.

Stop Wasting Money/Time, Start Building the Future

Grade: C. 

I did a lot of nothing this weekend. I didn’t make progress on my motivational statement after delaying attending to it throughout the week for lack of time. I wasted the one thing I won’t get back, my time. I purchased a pair of Vivo barefoot lifting shoes which I probably could have done without, but I have already experienced so many feet injuries in the past 2 years that I am hell-bent on not skimping on footwear. Other than that, I haven’t really spent much money, but I have wasted a lot of time. 

Recommended Action(s): 

  • Use your Calendar more. Plan a full day of activities so that you don’t waste your time and find yourself behind with other things.  

Weekly Performance: B-.

This week, I want to focus on swimming and writing. I will track the habit using the productive app, and I will build the rest of my schedule around swimming. Other than that, I will aim for another week of daily blogging.

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