a prayer

Dear God, 

Give me strength today to accept my past, and to accept the moments where I have felt insecure and insignificant. These moments are a part of my life history, but they should not mean any more to me than they do. I am a person who loves, dreams, and breathes curiosity, but sometimes the past gets too heavy and it weighs me down. Let me empty my backpack in which I carry the memories and dialogues that haunt me. Let me release these heavy thoughts, and make space for lighter ones of peace. 

God, I want to love again. I don’t want to resent. I want to feel joy, purity, and peace. I want to smile when I wake up, and I want to forgive. I want to appreciate the beautiful life that I have, the work that I get to experience, the people and art. You have created a beautiful world for us to be kind. There are kind people out there. Show me the way to them.

Bring forth the calmness. Release the need. 

Bring forth the certainty. Abandon the doubt.

Bring forth the confidence. Examine the shame. 

There is emptiness inside of me. I know it. I see it. I feel it. These voids are indecipherable, but God has the answers. I need your strength to go into the darkness. The darkness is temporary and unavoidable. In a room of darkness, you must search for the switch that will bring the light. 

This transition will take courage, but I will be here every day, and I will write. I will write. Then I will write. Then I will write some more. 

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