july intentions

Something needs to change… July intentions

It’s taken me a while, but this weekend I am going to set my intentions not only for July, but for the rest of 2021. There are certain things that I want to accomplish, especially while in home port, but I will not accomplish anything if I can’t focus and prioritize those ambitions. Everything needs to be put into writing.

Officially, I want to be reading way more than I am browsing. I haven’t read a full book in a while, and I am dabbling in like 6-7 books at a time right now. I need to focus in on one book only. Then continue in that manner. That means that I also need to schedule time for reading. That which does not get scheduled, does not get done. 

Goal 1: Read more books

Here is how I feel about the gym, right now. I am really good at Calisthenics and I am really good at swimming. But why not get better and spend less time. I am failing at showing up to the pool 9 times a week, but I can be consistent with 4 intense morning sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. My ultimate goal is to break the record in the 100 breast, which is 1:16. So I have to swim at least a 1:15.

Goal 2: Swim 4 times per week, and break the 100 Breaststroke Record.

I want to continue writing in this blog as well. Interestingly, today will mark a 30 day streak of blog posts. I have written some beautiful poems, interesting dialogues, and introspective thoughts that challenge my ego and selfish responses. This is a low maintenance habit, but one that yields so much. I want to show up every day, and I want to write a new post. 

Goal 3: Write. Every. Single. Day.

Sometimes my mind is racing, and I know that I can benefit from perhaps a morning meditation session. But how do I not fall asleep? Meditation is one of those things that I say I will do, but I never make time for it or get to it. I am always putting it off. Like reading too, and so I never finish books, and I never really meditate. Actually, this won’t be a goal. And neither will lifting heavy weights. Instead, I will continue to hone my skills in calisthenics at most 3 to 4 times per week. I will get in, do the work, and leave. I won’t linger. Because aside from my personal goals, I have professional goals that I need to make strides on. 

Goal 4: Calisthenics 3-4 times per week.

In the coming month, I will track my progress with these goals. I will pay attention to reading books, even if they are re-reads. I will swim during those 4 morning sessions. I will write in my journal and on this blog. I will practice calisthenics following Eric’s program. 

We’ll see what happens next.

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