a break, for now

I won’t be sharing on happy person during the upcoming month. From July 12 until August 2, I will be on a mini-sabbatical. 

I will probably only use my phone to tell time, and as an alarm, since cellular service will be very limited. Due to that, I will be leaving my laptop, Nintendo Switch, and AirPods behind as well. I’ll carry noise-cancelling earbuds for times when I need quiet.

I’d really like this break to be restful, a time to reconnect with my thoughts, feelings, faith. I want to take time to journal when I am able to, and to read on my kindle.

I won’t have sugar to consume, and I will stick to my dietary needs. I planned to only bring the essential things, but that gets a little subjective at times. My body needs a rest from swimming, from basketball, from non-stop exercise, and so does my mind from screens, websites, and information overload. I will sleep as much as I possibly can, when I’m allowed.

This all could leave me refreshed. Being out in nature has always been a happy place for me.

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