cow and chicken

a happy memory

So this one time, I was heading back to where we kept the cows and really all of the pasture. We had a small chicken coop and a rabbit coop as well, but this was a little further back towards the coconut and the one avocado tree. That’s where the cows grazed, and we knew there was a pregnant cow. So Freddy, our groundskeeper, walked back to check on the pregnant cow with calf, and I followed him because I wanted to see it too.

As we’re approaching the cow, I noticed it bleeding out from underneath. There wasn’t a lot of blood, but you could see it drip and the cow was mooing like … a mother would? It was a strange noise, yes, but no more than 5 minutes later a boy-ish calf emerges. It must have been about 60-70 lbs at birth. Cows get huge, which you don’t really think so unless you’ve seen them in their non-burger form. And its infancy the young calf grew so attached to me.

So that’s what I remember, and it would follow me around like I had birthed it. But that’s something we don’t really experience, because we’re carried around and mostly sleepy when we’re born. But a newborn calf actually walks around and interacts with an entirely new world. So it probably couldn’t tell a human from a cow, all it saw was kindness and maybe kindness is a language in itself. 

I wonder now if that young calf is now a grown cow or if it has met its end. Farm animals get attached like you wouldn’t believe, and I might like to raise a few at some point in my life. My mother is a lover of animals, and I think that she passed that down to me. So I’ll smile because I could recall a fond memory, and I need to remember the past better so that I can celebrate this life I enjoy.

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