a perfect mississippi morning

A bowl of warm oatmeal 
with frozen blueberries,
a dash of cinammon powder, 
and teaspoon of honey

A warm cup of green tea, 
the yogi variety with anti-oxidants,
a quote about love, or emotions, 
and a thought life’s sublime

A pen and a note book
to carry these thoughts, 
to savor these feelings, 
and remember my words

A tooth brush, some floss,
tooth paste, and mouthwash
I brush the top and the bottom,
then I practice a smile

A bag, my two shoes, 
my clothes for the day,
my towel, deoderant, lotion, sun spray,
my swim trunks and goggles.

A walk to the pool, 
a podcast, some tunes,
A sunrise, the views, 
of a Missississippi morning sky.

And then there’s the water, 
water, water, water, water,
water, water, water, water,
water, I love swimming

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