Mario Kart! I have so much fun when I play. I move fast through the turns, drifting and collecting items, avoiding obstacles and bouncing back after my mistakes. I always feel like I have a chance, and that feels great. 

When I play online, I talk so much trash. I cracked Jeffrey with the green shell, or I sniped him with the banana peel. The minute he dropped his item, I sent him a red shell and then passed him. But then he got me.

He left a bomb right behind him as we passed close to the finish line. And his teammates blue shell made it possible for him to get the win at the end. He’s crafty, fast, and I could not catch him in the music world. Gosh I hate that world. 

It’s all a small escape, a cheap vacation, and adventure. A small world, or worlds, to run to and feel like it’s all ok there. I like this game a lot, and I like getting better at it. Slowly, but surely, you’ll win this race.

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