in december

Without reason or explanation, I stopped setting monthly intentions. This is a practice that has had undeniable value in my life, influencing my personal happiness and sometimes altering my mood. While I rarely ever adhere to these intentions fully, they are a practice of hopefulness and a desire to pursue what I feel are worthy pursuits. They are also an attempt to avoid what I see as unworthy pursuits, namely, time-wasters, life wasters.

In December, I plan to move toward:

  • Finishing reading The Almanack of Naval Ravikant.
  • Finishing reading Jay Shetty’s How To Think Like A Monk.
  • Complete listening to David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook.
  • Finish listening to the Exhalations Audiobook.
  • Writing a blog entry daily, whether its a poem, my thoughts, or some intentions such as these.
  • Writing daily in my journal, a sort of meditation, but when done consistently it is very valuable for my wellbeing.
  • 150 squats 5 days a week.
  • Run at least 10 km weekly. No more than 5 days of running.
  • Wash the dishes every night.
  • Brush and floss every night.
  • Make my bed in the mornings.

In December, I plan to move away from:

  • Going to bed past midnight.
  • Skipping work outs.
  • Spending over 5 hours per day on my phone screen time.
  • Netflix – for the most.
  • NBA Games and Stats tracking.
  • So much Nintendo Switch.
  • Having a defeatist attitude. I can do all of these things that I am setting out to do.
  • Putting off reading.
  • Not folding laundry immediately after washing.

Here is to a month of positivity, and a strong conclusion to the year. Usually, these lists are so much more condensed. But I have a lot of bad habits that need changing, and it helps to lay them all out.

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