it’s ok to come back later

The run wasn’t too bad. 2 kilometers at a pedestrian pace on a crowded track, but no one was timing me, and there was no race. It was a form of recovery that followed 1 hour of stretching and multiple sets of glute bridges to strengthen the back of my lower body and lower back while opening up the hip flexors. But once I set up the Concept 2 Rower, I felt my whole body and energy in decline. It just wasn’t cooperating. I had set my sights on completing 300 calories, but by the time I hit 25 calories, I placed the handle back in its place and called it a day.

I came back to my room to shower, and I began my day of activities and training. I have been focused on attaining my qualifications as of late, and being extra sharp in my performance has been very important to me. But besides that, I am now in a position to pass on knowledge from recent qualifications I have obtained. Teaching, and writing, are two sorts of callings for me. I enjoy both, but I enjoy them more when I have confidence in the material and when I have a mindset for expressing my ideas. What I love about teaching is that it is just as much learning as it is teaching. You must create analogies, imagine examples, to bring forth understanding, but you also must explore the subject in order to raise questions.

How do you spark curiosity? You might get lucky and share information on a topic or idea that is interesting to someone, but what if the person has no interest in learning the subject? I believe curiosity is inherent to the learner, but by asking questions yourself you can start a dialogue, and conversation. Questions like “well, what do you think this means?” and “why do you think this is the procedure, what do you think is the goal here?” If a person doesn’t consider the rationale, or thought process, can he really understand what a thing is. In other words, one must always search for some sort of justification for why the world behaves in a specific way as opposed to any other way. Whether you’re right or wrong in your justification doesn’t matter, it is merely a launching point and a general perspective with which to agree or disagree.

In the afternoon, I returned to the gym. I found new resolve to complete my rowing workout, and I went forth to do 108 pull-ups and 180 air squats (18 sets of 6 and 10, respectively). I followed that effort with 5 sets of 5 muscle-ups, and I finished my fitness building session with 30 rounds of 1-minute jump rope, followed by a 30-second rest in which I did 10 push-ups and rested in the remaining time.

I recognized that my body felt resistance in the morning, and I stepped away. I realize that was the smart thing to do because it isn’t always healthy to keep pushing through tough work outs, especially after I have done that the past few times that I have rowed. And what I learned is that it’s ok to let go and come back later. Give the body some time, and it will recover and get back in the fight. That’s how it works, but you can always disagree.

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