time management and early rising

I have started waking up at 0400 most days. Being up this early grants me several privileges, but the most important is that I have the time to get in a full work out before my work begins. The problem with this early start is that it requires an earlier bed time, and I am usually delaying my bed time until I pass out, exhausted, and drop into a deep slumber.

I haven’t yet figured out this trick. Time management is at the essence of all of this, and its usually what I struggle with the most. In college, we discussed that the biggest leap in efficiency comes from when you switch over from task management to time management. Rather than work until you’re done with a task, you should try to work for a certain amount of time on a task. Whether that satisfies completion of the task is irrelevent.

I’ve noticed this mental attachment in all areas of my life. I feel it even hurts my self-confidence when I set a goal to row 200 calories and I only complete 190 calories. But if instead I row for 15 minutes, that can be a consistent amount of time, allowing time for other tasks, and it won’t eat up all of my time. Aside from that, I set specific amounts of pages I want to read. If instead, I block off time for reading, then I can just do what needs to be done in that amount of time and I don’t need to worry about the rest.

So tasks won’t drag on, and I can get to bed on time. I’ll need to make some adjustments.

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