We dreamed that we’d make it to
parliament on an early Monday.
Instead, we barely made it
to the corner of the street.

We passed our neighbors,
who watered their lawns,
and looked onto us
with the hope of go forth.

Go forth, youth,
and conquer them all.
Hold, in this jar,
my dreams, and ambitions,

because if they remain in this body
they surely will perish. These dreams
are hot potatoes, fried by the French.
Passed on. Or like musical chairs,

the game that taught scarcity
to kids who had too many chairs
to spare and music

that wouldn’t just play.

They’d pause it, and we’d rush to our seats.
And one and another
would fight for what’s theirs.
Then one would take seat,
the other one, beat,
would join in the crowd of have-nots.

Have nots, have you forgot?
A lesson as old as time.
That if you’re too slow,
to stop on a dime, then music will start
and you’ll be left behind.

Parliament doesn’t want,
those who can’t move to the rhythm
anticipate stops,
and ruthlessly,
harsh, I mean,
shove their way to the top.

So, sit and observe,
as Democracy erred,
we voted to somehow avoid the preferred,
but they voted amongst themselves, right?

They said who had rights,
we’d put up a fight,
they’d make us go vote
at the end of the night.

Well, we’re tired, you see.
Tired, you see. Tired,
and sleepy, to tired to be
there at the ballots voting to be free

Ah, but this story is about the cats,
who look out the window, at the world on tv.

in december

Without reason or explanation, I stopped setting monthly intentions. This is a practice that has had undeniable value in my life, influencing my personal happiness and sometimes altering my mood. While I rarely ever adhere to these intentions fully, they are a practice of hopefulness and a desire to pursue what I feel are worthy pursuits. They are also an attempt to avoid what I see as unworthy pursuits, namely, time-wasters, life wasters.

In December, I plan to move toward:

  • Finishing reading The Almanack of Naval Ravikant.
  • Finishing reading Jay Shetty’s How To Think Like A Monk.
  • Complete listening to David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook.
  • Finish listening to the Exhalations Audiobook.
  • Writing a blog entry daily, whether its a poem, my thoughts, or some intentions such as these.
  • Writing daily in my journal, a sort of meditation, but when done consistently it is very valuable for my wellbeing.
  • 150 squats 5 days a week.
  • Run at least 10 km weekly. No more than 5 days of running.
  • Wash the dishes every night.
  • Brush and floss every night.
  • Make my bed in the mornings.

In December, I plan to move away from:

  • Going to bed past midnight.
  • Skipping work outs.
  • Spending over 5 hours per day on my phone screen time.
  • Netflix – for the most.
  • NBA Games and Stats tracking.
  • So much Nintendo Switch.
  • Having a defeatist attitude. I can do all of these things that I am setting out to do.
  • Putting off reading.
  • Not folding laundry immediately after washing.

Here is to a month of positivity, and a strong conclusion to the year. Usually, these lists are so much more condensed. But I have a lot of bad habits that need changing, and it helps to lay them all out.