perhaps. but no. I’m understanding im right where i need to be.

ib the midst of a crisis. why yo cry sis?

mom tears.

her tears, 2.

uts something i’d want to forget. like in an instant.

hwo i forget my teabag and then too strong tea brews.

oh, if i was misinnformed… who would i ask for help.

im walking aloen in the swiss alps. i lost my backpack, my camera, there.

quality? oh, quality.. where have you gone. you were the apple of my eye

a knack for detail, i’ve had al ong time now. its upsetting that i rush. and

then i triped over and felli nto the wall and the world came down.

tis trueman a truman show experience like you’d never know. underneth

the blankets, its warmer and i watch forest gump, iom so dumb. my iq.

jenny jenny jenny jenny wishing well, and a sack of pennys,

jc pennys


plenty, its sad at the moment to see myt digression. an eco collapse, i mean ego, but both. so no backspace aor delete because space and cnnot ca go back. and delete is not real.

who are tyou to judge. who are you to judge. leave me lone.

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