green tea with matcha

Today is a good morning. I woke up to my alarm at 0430, but because it is Sunday I was able to arise without any rush. After scrolling on social media (a bad habit of mine), I went downstairs to the laundry room. I do laundry every 7-10 days now, but I find this period to be inefficient. When too many clothes accumulate, my desire to get it done decreases, and those 7-10 days could become 12 or 15 days resulting in a heaping pile of clothes. How do I approach this problem? I need to find a way to schedule time for laundry and folding two times per week. In those two times, I will designate 2 hours to laundry and clean my apartment in that time. This will include doing the dishes, cleaning all countertops, and vacuuming and sweeping the living areas.

Sundays should not include these tasks. Sunday should be a designated relaxation day, but it has turned into a frantic day of preparation for the week to come. Today, I have so much to do, so it’s no different than the last Sundays, and I am slightly overwhelmed. I know that these small tweaks could be life-changing especially if I am faithful to my calendar app. If I add it to the calendar, I must do it. I have been rescheduling too many tasks and praying for a saving grace on Sundays.

I am happy that I have the chance to write today. Writing, as well as running, has been very therapeutic for me. Recently, I have also enjoyed riding my bike around the base. On Thursdays, I will be joining a weekly group ride and connecting with people with a like-minded interest in cycling. I also have a cup of tea that I brewed 10 minutes ago. This gives me the feeling that I have invested in myself. I made a cup of tea for myself. I will enjoy this cup of tea as I write and my clothes swish around in the washing machine.

This morning doesn’t have to be hectic. It may have hectic elements, but it is a chance for me to re-energize, stretch, go for a stroll in the community, take photographs, experiment with my camera. I am eager to see what this day will bring.

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