habit tracking

There are old habits that I am trying to eliminate, but they aren’t easy to get rid of. Quitting sugar has been the hardest, even though I know all of the potential benefits to my concentration, my mood, my health, and my ability to perform in sports. Too often, I find myself making concessions as to what I will allow myself to eat and breaking away from the planned meals. Maybe it’s just that I am not as excited to meal prep the healthy meals, but whatever the reason momentum is hard to create and evaporates all too soon. 

The other habit is social media/Netflix. I feel I am so hard-charging when I have a book I am really into, or when studying a subject for work, but in the transition phases – sometimes I waste too much time. Now, the benefits would also include an increased concentration, and more time for the things I love – cycling, writing, running, reading, and maybe even meditation to help me stay grounded. 

While I have struggled to remove these habits, which are by now engrained. I have also struggled to introduce basic ones, the aforementioned salad for lunch, but also drinking water and getting to bed by 2030. It’s weird because I am up at 0430 every single day without fail, but my bedtime is so inconsistent.

I have to only remind myself that it is alright to be at this stage and that things will start falling into place in no time. And they will, one day at a time.

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