another day

The sun was high when I began my evening run. In the unbearable heat, I slowed down to a walk. Better to do this than to pass out on the pavement. At 3.5 miles, it became a wiser decision to stop the run, cool off in the gym, shooting some hoops. 

My wrist still aches from the basketball tournament weeks prior. When I shoot with my dominant hand, I feel a slight discomfort. Shooting with my left hand is becoming increasingly comfortable as I train the mind to make adjustments. At first it was nearly impossible to do anything with my left hand, but over time the dexterity has improved and I have questioned whether or not I am a natural lefty. Could I have been taught to be right-handed and merely adjusted very well?

As the evening came, I found the energy to run again and finish off 7 miles for the day. Earlier today, I watched the movie War Machine. It’s about Gen. Glen McMahon, a, I believe, fictional general who was tasked with handling operations in Afghanistan toward the end of the world war. This is irrelevant, but it struck me that he runs 7 miles a day, every day. As I re-design my life, that is a neat habit to adopt. 

Tomorrow morning, I will try to get up early again so I can run. I would like to do 7 miles, then swim, then morning PT. I am excited for the day. I am grateful because I ran today, and I didn’t give up on myself. 

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