i/e and the games we play

Internal games I play

  • Am I pursuing something which sparks curiosity?
  • Am I learning at work, am I present, and do I have a good attitude?
  • Am I living within my means and choosing a minimalist lifestyle that still supports my interests?
  • Am I able to keep a clean and professional appearance?

External games I play (“should” programming)

  • Do people know that I’m pursuing something which sparks curiosity? The Social Media Curse (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Strava)
  • Do I need to please people to get a higher Rank/Title in the Navy? What requirements must be satisfied so that I can earn medals/ribbons?
  • Net Worth Race – How much is in my retirement accounts? What percentage of my net earnings am I able to save? When do I get paid – actually matters? 
  • What brand of clothes do I wear? What kind of haircut do I have? What car will I drive? 

The internal games make me happy, but they’re more challenging to sustain. The external games make me stressed, but it’s what everyone else notices.

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