unquestioned beliefs

I imagine our differences of opinion will cause us to drift apart one day. Change is an inevitability that will float us away like the waters in a lake. When we become anchored to an idea, we effectively stop floating away. While we remain in the waters of change, we remain stuck and things become stuck to us, like moss, sediment. 

We are all anchored to some beliefs and ideas. Some ideas are inconceivable in relation to others. Evolution cannot exist in conjuction with biblical texts, that’s what they say. But why not? And, perhaps more important, why does that matter? Everything must have an inherent value, but when we cling to things we cannot appreciate the value in other things. We cling to things because we value them. We value things, so we cling to them. It’s difficult to know which comes first.

So exposing yourself to new ideas may weaken you conviction to old beliefs. This is why traveling, exposing yourself to other beliefs, ideas, cultures can be a valuable experience. Having lived in a world of stereotypes, and anchored your truths in such world, you will begin to question your beliefs upon encountering a people and sample size that isn’t self-validating. 

What sort of beliefs should you question? Maybe all of them. Why do you love, and who do you love? And what obligations do you feel that you have? Obligations are tricky, they are anchorings as well, contracts – sometimes spoken, sometimes unspoken – that dictate how you will behave when navigating a specific circumstance. 

There are different types of obligations: familial, romantic, professional, ideological. Here are some examples: because my mother birthed me and raised me, I am obligated, socially, to be there for her. In relationship, one must learn to consider the other persons feelings. I am obligated to be accountable at work, and as a vegan it is my obligation to make purchases of non-animal products. As a writer even, I must write.

We must examine these, because some of them are truly insignificant and self-imposed. They simply do not matter. And others that do not matter, matter in a sense that they sustain order in the world. 

Back to the anchors, beliefs that stick around and form into ideology. If you cannot question them, then I implore you to go deeper and double down. But refuse, at all costs, to remain on the surface – bobbing and floating, and stuck. You either flow with the current, or swim into the sea. 

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