bedtime rituals

The past few days I have found a semblance of peace. I feel relaxed, at ease, comfortable in my skin. While the journey towards complete self-knowledge and comfort is far from complete, I can say things are getting underway. I felt comfortable reading a poem by T.S. Eliot today, and I made some time to brew my evening cup of tea. My favorite tea is the Traditional Medicinals Chamomile and Lavender tea. It is a soft, caffeine-free, relaxing tea.

Before bed, I want to continue to cultivate the habit of writing out my thoughts. When I am scatter-brained, it’s usually because I have gone too long without writing. For a writer, going too long without writing is self-induced torture. I am sure this is the case with many of my habits. When I go too long without running, I get fat and it is very hard to return back to it. The same with writing and reading. Out of shape simply means out of practice. You have to consistently make progress towards your goals.

There are many things I want to continue to explore, photography, cycling 2-3 times per week (finding that love again), and running (as much as I possibly can!). The best way to do these things are to cultivate groups and communities for these hobbies. I need to find people with whom I can talk about books, and people with whom I can communicate spiritually, go on runs with, go shoot photographs. Create a nurturing environment.

Before bed, I think about what I want to do tomorrow. My room is a mess, a bit, so I want to clean. But I also want to get to the gym in the morning so that I can stretch, run, and work out before class.

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