w24 re-cap

Mid-month check in

Earlier this month, I set my monthly intentions for the month of June, see below. Today, I’d like to take some time to thoughtfully reflect on my progress thus far with my goals.

I’ll be moving away fromI’ll be moving towards
• Netflix, HBOMax, basketball Scores
• running and basketball
• sugar, candy, soda, juice, dairy
• stupid purchases, supermarket sushi, take-out meals
• reading, journaling, meditating, blogging
• swimming, stretching, calisthenics
• water, and fruits and berries
• saving what I earn, paying off cc debt

The Systems

Grade: C-. 

They’re not always working. I have some work to do to limit my exposure to those sites and minimize my time on Netflix, Youtube and following the basketball scores. When I have unaccounted time, I typically fill it with basketball highlights and interviews on Youtube. I need to block these sites on Safari, but curiously it blocks me from Skype as well when I turn the parental controls so I end up having to shift on and off of it because I need Skype for my REV call on Tuesdays.

While it wasn’t featured on this list, I did eliminate social media (instagram, facebook, strava). This has been a big step for me, and so far I think I like this decision. I am becoming comfortable with it.

Running and Basketball

Grade: C+.

I have been avoiding running, but I haven’t avoided basketball. Today, a particularly rough day for me mentally, I needed to go and shoot the ball around. I feel like it’s the closest thing to meditation, but the consequence is that I miss out on the lifting, or the swimming, or the calisthenics. Tomorrow morning, I’ll try something new. A morning workout at the gym at 0500. I added it to my calendar (I have the google calendar app now). 

Sugar, Candy, Juice, Soda, Dairy

Grade: F. 

Slipped up on all of these. Frosted Flakes cereal with evaporated milk, Whataburger Bacon Cheese Burger and Large Coca Cola Drink, Lot’s of Cheese Sticks, Juice at the galley, Pop Tarts. All in one week. Making too many exceptions to my diet, and I’ve felt my mood shift toward the negative spectrum. Yogurt too, which wasn’t good for me. A positive note. I ate a lentil soup for dinner, and I have been including mushrooms in my salads. This cleaner food is exactly what I need more of. 

Wasting money, wasting time, waste, waste, waste

Grade: C. 

The What-A-Burger purchase was a stress-meal that I didn’t need. I need to surround myself with people with healthy habits, and continue to build on my own strengths. I bought sushi at the market, not the best purchase, expensive and not very nutritional. On the whole, I have been managing my money a little bit better and my credit card debt is down to $400 so I can eliminate that within the next pay period.

Reading, Journaling, Meditating, Blogging

Grade: B+.

I have been having a really hard time emotionally. But I am able to make time to read, journal, and blog most days. With blogging, I have been extremely consistent. I’m at like a 12 day streak, which I can’t say I have ever done. I have also been reading, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 15. But I am intentional about this. On the weekends, where I should have more time to read and meditate, I stress out and waste the time. I don’t know how I will get out of this emotional hole, nor how I will handle these feelings of emptiness, but I think writing is going to play a big role in all of this. 

Swimming, Stretching, Calisthenics

Grade: C.

It’s the inconsistency. I have the ability, but I don’t seem to have the patience, the focus, or the drive to show up consistently and work on these goals. I swam maybe twice this past week. I did calisthenics around the same amount of times, and I didn’t stretch at all. When I do show up, I am happy with my efforts. But the inconsistency will prevent me from ever making real progress. I need to drop every thing else and make the gym my second home. Show up with a plan and execute.

Water, Fruits, and Berries

Grade: B+.

So many fruits! So many berries. I ate a Mango! I ate about 3 containers of blackberries, a bunch of bananas. I skimped out on water a couple of times because I was too lazy to go refill my bottle down at the laundry room. I need to get better at that. 

Savings and CC Debt

Grade: B-.

Making progress on my credit card debt. I spent very little this weekend, I think $25 at the most. I bought a book and bought a few things at Walmart (Pickles and Oatmeal). I’m getting better at not spending too much, but I need to lock in this week and keep the grocery bills low.

Weekly Performance: C+.

I know the areas for improvement. I could really benefit from the use of the calendar and the productive app to organize my days. Consistency will be the key for habits like swimming and strength training and meditation. If I can make those improvements, I’ll be solid. I need to learn how to reward myself for good efforts. 

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