a good day

Today I snoozed my alarm. It was so difficult to get out of bed, but I realize that there is a great benefit to setting intentions. Last night, I DECIDED that I would wake up to go to the gym at 0500. That was my intention for today, and I was committed to seeing it through. Although I arrived at the gym at 0516, I received a huge boost to my confidence because I had struggled with that part. 

In the morning, I worked on squats. I lifted 135 lbs on the barbell for 5 sets of 5 repetitions at a 2:00 interval. Then I did box jumps and lunges with a kettlebell. I don’t feel very explosive anymore. My legs feel tired and drained most of the time, but I have the opportunity to put on some real strength in the coming weeks. 

When I swam, I felt even better than I have the past few times. I swam 3×50 (Free, Kick, Pull), then 3x (4×25 Free, Kick, Pull), and I finished off with a 50 Breast. I did the Free and Pull intervals at :40, and the Kick intervals on :60 intervals. I hope to be back in the water tomorrow afternoon for some more swimming as I continue to get comfortable with myself in the water. 

After work, I returned to the gym for roughly two and a half hours of basketball. I can’t really run right now, so I may start taking a break on basketball to focus on strength training and calisthenics. But that is the struggle, that I am not as comfortable, nor confident, walking into the weight room to lift weights. 

Tomorrow, I will be at the gym at 0500. I will work on upper body lifts (the bench press, should press and upright rows – my favorite workout, and front and lateral raises). I will leave every thing laid out so that I have a smooth morning tomorrow. I’m already sleepy.

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